APOL People


 Dr. Steve E. Watkins, Director

 E-mail: watkins@mst.edu.

Telephone Number: 573-341-6321

FAX: 573-341-4532

Technical Expertise and Interests

Optical Sensing, Smart Structures,

Photonic Devices, and Technical Education



Regina Kohout, Secretary

 E-mail: reginak@ece.mst.edu.

Telephone Number: 573-341-4506


Current Graduate Students

Josh Corra

 E-mail: corra@mst.edu.

Project: Instrumentation for Smart Structures

Rohit Dua


Project: Neural Networks for Smart Structures

Vicki Eller

E-mail: veller@mst.edu.

Project: Web-based Learning Resources

Bethany Konz

 E-mail: bak@mst.edu.

Project: Smart Civil Engineering Structures

Martha Phariss


Project: Smart Composite Bridge

Ken Owens

E-mail: kowens@tellabs.com

Project: Telecommunication Networks

Thomas Stalcup


Project: Optical Magnetic-Field Sensing


Current Undergraduate Students

Ashley Davis

E-mail: ashley@mst.edu.

Project: Smart Composite Wing


APOL Alumni

Dr. Farhad Akhavan (Ph.D. 1998),

Sean J. Bentley (M.S. 1997), Ph.D. Candidate University of Rochester

Cp. Gilbert W. Sanders (M.S. 1997), USAF

Lt. Virgil Zetterlind III (BS 2000), USAF